Texas Girl in Jersey

Upon the advice of a dear friend from Texas, I am going to blog about my experience adjusting to a new way of life in Jersey so that my friends & family back in TX can follow along with this new chapter.
I thought I’d start off short & sweet because quite frankly, there’s so much new stuff that I’ve experienced & learned since coming up here!   And I’m pretty sure I haven’t processed it all (considering I’m probably floundering around like a fish out of water, or in this case, a Texan out of Texas)
Needless to say, Google maps has become my bff! I’m sure I have been cursed at more than I’d like to know, considering I’m the jerk with TX plates that doesn’t really know where I’m going most of the time. Just getting out of my neighborhood to find the nearest grocery store (which is Shop-Rite or another place called Wegman’s, because there’s no HEB’s up here) becomes an adventure. And I learned the hard way last weekend that you cannot simply buy beer at a convenience store (which I tried), nor can you buy it a grocery store (which I also tried); you have to go to a liquor store.
Speaking of driving, rarely can you make left-hand turns at intersections (which has caused me to have to disregard my GPS & wait for it to “re-route” me in another direction). Instead, you use these things called “jughandles” which means you turn to the right & completely loop back around to make a left-hand turn. I may have googled that word a few times because all I could remember was that it started with a “j” and I was too embarrassed to keep asking what that left-hand turn word was.
But I will say this, I am totally loving the cooler weather!  (For now that is. Not sure I’ll say the same when winter hits, but that’s not for a few months.)  I’ve been able to run long distance (up to 6 miles so far), which is impossible for me in TX during the summer heat! And the people here are friendly & welcoming even though they don’t say “bless your heart” or “y’all” like Texans love to do (including myself).

Until next time y’all! ❤️

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