Exploring Jersey

Getting out and exploring Jersey is something I wanted to do as soon as I got here. I just love to explore, discover & experience new things when I have time.  
But I was a little hesitant to get out on my own. This whole state is new territory & I have to rely on google maps for everything.  Most everything that is. I can get to the park, library & grocery store without Siri telling me what to do now.  Woohoo!
And then it occurred to me, this is NEW TERRITORY! New territory for me to EXPLORE and DISCOVER! I don’t have to wait for anyone to go out and do it. While I enjoy sharing experiences, schedules don’t always line up. There is so much I want to see and experience here! I’ve been making a list as I think of things.
While the idea of getting out and exploring the area thrilled me to no end, I was having some reservations. I’m sure to the people here in Jersey it seems silly. But I was really uncomfortable with the idea of getting gas here.   
Here in Jersey (& apparently in Oregon) you can’t pump your own gas. At all! Ever! It’s a state law. That was a mind-blowing revelation to me.  
I am a little embarrassed to admit that I tried to limit my driving when I got here, because I didn’t want my gas to run out. I know that sounds ridiculous and unrealistic. A tank of gas doesn’t really get you very far. So it was inevitable that my gas gauge started getting lower and lower. I kept feeling a sense of dread the lower it went.  
Finally I had to get gas. I didn’t have to, but I wanted to go to the boardwalk to run & that is about an hour drive.  
I remember feeling all awkward when I pulled into the station. Felt so uncomfortable that some strange man, whose name I didn’t even know was going to be pumping gas into my suv for me. I’m sure that sounds weird to Jersey people, but I’m sure they think it’s weird that people in TX have to pump their own gas. (And we don’t mind, well I don’t. But I like to do things myself & not wait for someone to do it for me.)

 When the attendant walked up to my door, I felt like I should introduce myself (but I didn’t). I held $20 up and told him I wanted unregular gas (because I’m frugal). I kept holding it up expecting the man to grab it from me, but he didn’t. Instead, he walked off & started my gas.  

While we waited, we started talking. You know, just gas station small talk, which I will have to get used to. We talked about me being new to Jersey & that I was headed to the boardwalk to run (but I didn’t say which one because that wouldn’t be safe). He suggested I try Point Pleasant beach. About that time the gas pump clicked.  
Apparently that’s when you pay for your gas. Afterwards. Which is weird to me, because in TX, it’s all pre-pay. I handed him the $20, but I felt like I should’ve handed him more. (I’ve been told you don’t tip the attendants only because I asked about it). He did provide a service. Since I didn’t tip him, I did thank him. And I really wanted to shake his hand when I thanked him, but I didn’t because that would’ve made it even more weird I’m sure.
As I drove off it occurred to me I hadn’t cleaned out my suv or cleaned my windshield which I usually always do when I pump my gas. Guess I will have to readjust that habit & figure it out later. But that could wait until after I got to the beach & ran on the boardwalk for the 1st time ever!
On the upside, I’m sure that I’ll really appreciate not having to get out of my vehicle & pump my own gas when winter hits or even when it’s pouring down rain (because that would mess up my hair).

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